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SMV Is A System Of RMG Sectors For Performing A Job

Minimum Wage Govt. Announce

Minimum Wage Govt. Announce

SMV is a system of RMG Sectors for performing a job at the level of satisfactory. Gradually it is a man minute for production one pcs garments. The full elaboration of SMV is Standard Minute Value. Also we called Standard Allocated Minute for one Garments (SAM).

SMV main calculation is base time multiplied by Allowance.

SMV= Based Time * Allowance

Based Time= All Man+All Porcess+Time
Lets, One Woven bottoms Garments (5 Pockets Basic) SMV is 24 (MM) Man Munite.

We can say that, one pcs garments making time is calculated by Man*Hour*60. Its may be one line.

Line= 60 Machine+72 Operator_Helper

One Line SMV will be = Man*Hour*60 = 72*10*60 = 43200MM

If the order is given 24 SMV, Than the produce unit will be =43200MM / 24 = 1800 Pcs Garments.

SMV is defined as the time which is allowed to perform a job satisfactorily. Normally it is expressed in minute value. The full elaboration of SMV is Standard Minute Value. SMV term is broadly used in the garments manufacturing industry. SMV is also known as Standard Allocated Minute (SAM).

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